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How does the artist registration work?

If you are an artist, fill out the operator / artist form and wait for the activation of the profile. Enter all the data you are asked for. Once you have activated the access, fill in the tab of the shows and your artistic biography (max 500 characters), which will compose your public profile.

How does the city registration work?

Fill out the form for citizens and you are immediately online. In addition to following your favorite artists and discovering new ones in your travels through the municipalities of the network, you can contribute through the alerts, indicating useful places or events and offering discounts for the artists (a dinner, a sofa to sleep, a ride to discover the city ...) that we will punctually insert in the map

Is my registration valid throughout Italy?

Registration in a municipality allows you to act in all the territories that are part of the network. So, in the future, also in Europe.

What happens if you forget your password?

You can retrieve forgotten or lost passwords in the REIMPOSTA PASSWORD: they will be automatically sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided during registration.

How can I show in one of the municipalities of the network?

Municipalities can choose between 3 options to adjust their territory. The scope A allows you to perform freely without any other obligation, if not the registration and compliance with the code of ethics of the artist. The scope B also requires the obligation to register at the location I choose, directly on the spot when I start. The scope C regulates only those places that have particular characteristics (such as overcrowding of artists and noise problems), and requires to book in advance and to comply with the maximum expected acoustic class.

Is the station fixed?

Each municipality is autonomous in its choice. Our guidelines guide the administration in considering the location as an area, more or less wide, in which the artist can choose the best location for type of show or for environmental conditions. Always read, for safety, what the personal page of the Municipality says

How long can I occupy a workstation?

Also in this case every municipality is autonomous in the choice. By default the system is released with a limit of 2 hours, even non-continuous. Beyond these the artist will have to change site.

Do I have to ask for other permits?

Municipalities that join the network agree to use the platform to replace any other procedure, in order to streamline the bureaucracy for both (municipalities and artists) and ensure the artists risk from fines for not knowing the regulation. It is always a good idea to check first what the public page of the municipality says

Do all municipalities adopt the same regulation?

Each municipality remains free to organize itself in its own way. If they are in the network, however, it means that their regulation meets our guidelines or have given the willingness to modify it in a virtuous way, including through forecasts in derogation from their current legislation. In any case we are setting up a public page for each administration. They will keep the information up-to-date with official documents and other useful information that we advise you to read.

What is the difference between scope B and C?

The C area is a place that can be booked even with a certain amount of time. The scope B is more like the practice of the road. The station becomes free to book half an hour before the time allowed and can be taken on the fly by those on the street at that time.

How can I score in a location to do my show?

You can get there from two different ways. From the menu on the left you can select the "Reserved Spaces" tab or select the location directly on the map and click on "check availability". Then follow the instructions.

What happens if I find a reserved seat defective?

Soon there will be a georeferenced (or other instrument) control of the presence of an artist in the booked position. Otherwise the station will unlock and become free again. Until the functionality is developed, it is possible to proceed directly from the site with a real-time alert with a photo of the defected station. As soon as we receive the report, we will proceed to unlock the station.

What risk if I do not respect the rules of the network?

The network has a series of internal measures as follows: first recall, second recall, suspension for 2 months, suspension for 6 months, deactivation of the account. We can send it to us on the alert or the local person in charge of the Municipality.

And if I go down to show the same despite an internal measure?

If you have received only recalls nothing happens. In case of suspension or deactivation, go down the street at your own risk, because if you get the penalties are those provided by the municipality where you are.

Can I challenge a provision?

Any provision will allow a contradictory written within the platform. If necessary, FNAS can always access the historian and intervene by helping the parties to resolve the issue as peacefully as possible.