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The Project

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Originally born as a tool for managing bookings for artists, Arthecity is now a powerful tool for creating a cultural, ethical and supportive community. Arthecity is in fact a platform through which administrations, artists and citizens can dialogue for enhancement of street arts, meant as an instrument of economic growth, social cohesion and cultural and touristic development. This can include Municipalities that regulate the phenomenon in a welcoming way, artists who know how to respect places around them, citizens who want to contribute to the development and transformation of their everyday living places. Finally, Arthecity is an open collaborative platform, developed starting from the Fedro project of Plastic Jumper srl, able to propose hereafter further services for the community developed also by third parties.


- Become part of a network of virtuous Municipalities friendly with street art and to be a national model
- Deepen the knowledge of the phenomenon to learn how to enhance it and better regulate it
- Have advanced tools and FNAS (or other partners) assistance to adapt their local regulation to the best standards
- Increase the mobility of artists through their territory, implementing artistic and cultural proposals with almost "no cost" for Administrations
- Facilitate, through a new industry channel, the knowledge of its territory and its events favoring the tourist influx
- Simplify and cut red tape for issuing permits
- Relieve the Administration of all matters related to the processing of personal data, privacy and maintenance of a database
- Eliminate issues related to the management of servers, resident applications and IT security
- Keep a real-time monitoring of what happens on your territory through the artist's electronic record book
- Facilitate the control carried out by public security officer even without "interrupting the performance"
- Ensure the presence of artists who have signed the deontological code of street artist
- Have a homogeneous disciplinary procedure accepted by the artists, to avoid disputes, online controversies and judicial oppositions
- Increase the comparison with other Municipalities by encouraging the extension of in progress good practices
- Create a new tool to connect with their citizens through which to promote their local policies while offering them instruments of direct participation in the care of the public property
- Provide personalized detailed statistics to evaluate the development of their local policies

- Know the conditions easily and quickly to be able to perform in a municipality
- Perform happily without risking "immediate sanction"
- Know a priori the preliminary system of sanctions, avoiding excesses of discretion and immediate recourse to the fine
- Adhere to an ethical code as an educational tool of social role of street artist and a guarantee of professionalism towards third parties
- Discover new places accessible and welcoming to street arts and get to know immediately events in which to perform
- Simplify the procedures for requesting permission replaced by self-reporting of your presence
- Contribute to creating a mapping of what is happening in Italy to enhance influence at ministerial level and improve the legislative conditions
- Making themselves identifiable and available for requests for show proposals
- Promote nationally your artistic profile, your repertory and your tours
- Create a direct line with your audience

- Recognize and adhere to an ethical and supportive idea to reinvent the places of everyday life
- Offer an active contribution to the acceptance of passing artists
- Support a project to welcome and humanize their own places
- Receive news, articles and newsletters about the street art world through the magazine and the news from
- Stay informed about events that host street performers to facilitate their own involvement
- Provide tools for collaboration and interaction with local administrators to contribute to the definition of city policies
- Resume a leading role in writing the relationship with one's own community
- Contribute to mapping the city with other contents that have cultural and tourist appeal
- Report independently events open to artists to encourage the passage of them outside the areas normally beaten
- Contact artists directly to propose participations to events
- Supporting individual artists in the development of their projects